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Tips for Choosing Great Online Dating Profile Photos

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Selecting the right types of photos for your profile can make a significant impact on your success in the online dating world! We've broken down these photo tips into 2 categories: "Main Profile Photo" and "Additional Photos".

This is the photo that will show up in search results and is usually the first thing someone sees when they view your profile. It is critical that this photo stands out! Here are some tips:

1) Don't Look At the Camera!
Yes, you read this correctly! Although it may seem counter-intuitive, a study conducted by OkCupid revealed that men who are looking away from the camera in their profile picture have higher odds of succeeding with women on online dating sites.

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Why? Well, some psychologists believe it's because staring directly into the camera can communicate a sense of desperation and neediness, as if you are seeking approval. Looking away from the camera can convey confidence and a sense of mystery. (Keep in mind that for women, the opposite was true - if you're a female, it's best to look into the camera and smile.)

2) Be Well-Groomed
Even if you don't have movie star good-looks, being well-groomed can make you look significantly more attractive. Make sure to get a haircut and maintain any facial hair that you may have. Beards are fine, as long as they are trimmed and not excessively shaggy. Wear clothing that looks decent and communicates your personality.

3) Stand Out and Grab Attention
Finally, make an effort to set your photo apart from everyone else. The more unique your photo looks, the better the odds of woman clicking on it. Try playing with the lighting, environments and colors to make things 'pop'. Using a photo filter like instagram may help to create more vibrant colors. Choosing a black and white photo may work well too. Also, we've found that having certain 'props' in the photo (like a guitar or sports jersey), may capture the interest of certain people. Think about your target audience and cater to them!

These are any photos on your profile besides the main picture. Be selective when picking them - only upload photos that benefit your image in some way. If a photo doesn't add anything positive, then don't put it up! Here are some tips:

1) Capture Your Lifestyle and Interests.
Try your best to capture your passions and lifestyle through the photos on your profile. If you enjoy traveling, include a couple shots of yourself in interesting locations. If you love animals, add a photo of yourself with your pet. If you are an athlete, perhaps include an action shot of yourself during a game.

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These types of photos demonstrate that you have an interesting life with fulfilling hobbies. In addition to this, it will also give women something to talk to you about - for example, if a woman shares your passion for animals, she may say "that's a cute dog, I have a golden retriever, myself!" One quick note - do not post too many photos of the same hobby, as you may come off as one-dimensional, which could turn some people off. Use variety and moderation.

2) Include Photos With Friends
It's important to communicate the idea that you have friends in the real world and are not an anti-social person. Include a few photos of yourself with friends in a fun environment. If possible, choose pictures where the attention is focused on you. For example, if you are playing a guitar while other people watch, or telling a joke to a group of people who are laughing. These types of photos show demonstrate higher value and act as 'social proof'.

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3) Include Photos With Women
Showing that you have female friends is also beneficial, because it demonstrates that you are not a 'creepy' dude who is uncomfortable around ladies. If you include pictures with females, make sure that they don't give the impression that you are a 'player', but rather a fun, nice guy to be around. Also, don't upload too many of these photos, as it may be a little intimidating to some women - just 1 or 2 will do the trick.

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4) Don't Post Too Many Selfies or Webcam Photos
Occasionally, you'll come across a profile that is composed entirely of indoor 'selfie' or webcam photos. This is not good! If you are alone and in your bedroom for every one of your photos, it may convey the idea that you are a loner who never leaves the house. Be sure to vary the environments that your photos are taken in.

5) Don't Have Too Many Professionally-Taken Photos
If you have a lot of photos that were taken by a professional photographer, it may be tempting to post them all on your profile. However, if all of your shots are professional ones, it can backfire. For one, some people might find it intimidating and it could make you seem less approachable. As well, since professional photos are extensively edited and re-touched, some people may wonder if you'll look less attractive in person and think you could be hiding something.

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