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Music Festival and Concert Pick-up Lines

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Do you like bracelets? Because I have a bunch in my van.

Get ready for the drop... of my pants

If I were a drum I'd let you bang me all night long!

You're wearing a bear cap, I'm wearing a bear cap - let's make cubs.

There's a rave in my pants and you've got guest list.

Do I have a grass stain on my ass?

Are you security? Because I've got a suspicious bulge in my pants.

I must be wearing 3-D glasses, because your body is popping.

Is this a camping festival? Cause you got me pitching a tent.

See those cops over there? They’re here for you, because it’s illegal to look that good.

To get backstage, you must go backdoor.

You must be a cold shower, because I'd love to be inside you.

Is your name sun screen? Because I'd feel better if you were all over me.

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