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56 Fun and Unique Date Ideas!

Here are some creative and fun date ideas that will help you to win over a new crush or make a memorable Valentine's Day with your longtime sweetheart!

1) Visit an Animal Shelter
Go to your local animal shelter and spend the afternoon interacting with all the puppies and kittens. Some shelters allow you to take them out for a walk as well!

2) See a Psychic or Palm Reader
Have your fortune told by a professional psychic or palm reader. Compare your results with your date and determine if they're reasonable or completely ridiculous.

3) Take a Segway-Riding Tour
Some regions offer tours while riding on a segway. This is a fun and unique way to learn more about your city.

4) Visit a Trampoline Park
Indoor Trampoline Parks are quickly becoming popular in some major cities. Try jumping off a massive trampoline and landing into a cushy pile of foam cubes.

5) Pick some Fruit
Go to a fruit orchard and pick some fresh fruit. Bring a blanket and have a picnic afterwards!

6) Take aim at the Gun Range
Try your hand at firing handguns or rifles. Have a competition with your date to see who is the most accurate marksman.

7) Visit the Casino
Check out the slot machines and table games. Start with $20 each and see who can win the most money!

8) Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
Spend the day helping the less fortunate by volunteering at a soup kitchen.

9) Buy ingredients at the Farmer's Market and Cook a Meal together
Go to a local farmer's market and pick out some fresh fruits and vegetables. You can later go home and cook a meal together using your newly bought ingredients.

10) Limited-Budget Shopping
Head into a store with a limited budget ($10, for example) and secretly buy a gift for each other. Surprise each other with the gift at a later date.

11) Take an Art Lesson or Craft Class
Try your hand at painting or try sketching live models. Go to a pottery class or learn how to make crafts.

12) Go Mini-Golfing
This classic date gives you a chance to have a friendly competition - the loser buys dinner afterwards.

13) Try your hand at Geo-caching
Grab your GPS device and head out on a hunt for hidden treasure. Visit for more information.

14) Go Rock-climbing
Visit a rock-climbing gym and try climbing together.

15) Take a Yoga Class or Excercise together
Enjoy a fun afternoon taking a yoga class or doing some other form of excercise together.

16) Visit a Bar on "Trivia Night"
This is ideal for group dates. Invite some friends along and visit a bar that offers a trivia night.

17) Take a Helicopter Ride
If you're not afraid of heights, go for a ride in a helicopter to get great views of your city.

18) Take a Dance Lesson
Try out a Salsa dancing class or maybe learn some Ballroom moves. There are often good deals for first-timers on Groupon.

19) Go to the Dinner Theatre
Enjoy a delicious meal while watching a great show.

20) Walk through a Corn Maze
Some rural areas have mazes built out of corn plants that are fun to navigate through.

21) Take a trip to the Zoo
Learn about different species of animals and see them up close.

22) Go to a Wine and Cheese Tasting Event
Sample many different types of wine and cheese. Learn how to pair wine with food.

23) Hit up the Driving Range (Golf)
Work on your golf swing at the Driving Range.

24) Try a Cooking Class
Learn how to cook a new dish. Some restaurants offer classes where you can cook your own meal and eat it in the dining area afterwards.

25) Have a Netflix Double Feature Night
If you have a Netflix account, pick out one movie each and watch them back-to-back. You'll gain insight into each other's taste in cinema.

26) Take a Bike Ride followed by a Picnic Tour your town on a bike.
End up at a local park where you can have a picnic afterwards.

27) Share a laugh at a Comedy Show
Nothing brings people closer together than having a good laugh - support your local comic!

28) Have a Foreign Dinner Night at Home
Decorate your apartment like a foreign country (make it look as cheesy as possible) and cook a foreign meal. Try making French, Italian or Indian cuisine. Print out a menu for your date with details about the food you've made. Play traditional music while dining.

29) Check out an Antique Store or Flea Market
See what kinds of rare gems you can find at an antique store or flea market.

30) Go to a Karaoke Venue
This is a great group date idea. Grab some friends and rent a private karaoke room!

31) Take a Bartending Class
Learn the fine art of mixing cocktails by taking a bartending class.

32) Explore an Ikea Store
Navigate your way through an Ikea store and learn about each other's taste in furniture. Treat yourself to some Swedish cuisine afterwards in the restaurant.

33) Have a Pub Games Competition
Have some drinks and compete in a triathalon of Darts, Pool and Foosball.

34) Decorate a Christmas Tree together
If it happens to be Christmas season, why not go shopping for some fun ornaments and use them to decorate a Christmas tree. It's a great way to get into the holiday spirit!

35) Go Ice Skating, Skiing or Snow-Shoeing
If you live in a cold climate, try ice skating, skiing or snow-shoeing. If you're in a warmer environment, go roller-blading, surfing or hiking.

36) Visit the Spa Visit a spa for a relaxing afternoon together.
Get a couples massage, or maybe get matching pedicures.

37) Enter a "Mud Run" or "Color Run" together
These events are becoming quite popular. Have fun running in a unique environment.

38) Go to the Museum or see an Art Show
Pick an interesting exhibit and discuss the items on display.

39) Visit the Carnival
Be a child again, play carnival games and ride the ferris wheel.

40) Go to a Video Game Arcade or Play Laser Tag
Another childhood activity that can still be fun as an adult - engage in a friendly competition!

41) Check out a Board Game Cafe
Many cities now offer board game cafes where groups of friends can get together to play a selection of new and classic board games.

42) Check out a Burlesque Show
If you're feeling adventurous, why not take in a burlesque show.

43) Go to a Local Music Venue or Open Mic Night
See a local band you've never heard of, or go to an open mic night and try singing yourself!

44) Hit up a Bowling Alley
Get competitive at the Bowling alley - the loser buys drinks!

45) Visit the Go-Karting Track
Compete with your date in a race to the finish line. Loser buys dinner!

46) Try Ice Fishing
If you live in a colder part of the world, try going ice-fishing. Bring plenty of snacks and hot cocoa to stay warm!

47) Fly a Kite Go to a park and fly a kite.
Feel like a kid again!

48) Visit a Piano Bar or Jazz Club
Have dinner or drinks while listening to some sweet tunes.

49) Donate Blood
Together Go to your local blood bank and make a donation together - it will help save lives!

50) See a Drive-in Movie
A throwback to the early days - watch a movie under the stars in your own vehicle.

51) Find the "Best Martini" in town
Pick a drink or snack that you really enjoy (ie. a Martini or Taco). Visit 3 different places that serve it, and decide who makes the best one in town.

52) Be a Local Tourist
Often times there are tourist attractions within your own city that local people never bother to see. Go check out the things that a tourist would see while visiting your city.

53) Tour a local Brewery
Many breweries offer tours for people wanting to learn about the beer-making process. They often have taste-testing stations as well.

54) Cheer on your Favorite Sports Team
Go to a local sporting event. Cheer on your favorite team!

55) Explore a Used Bookstore
Go to a local used bookstore and pick out a few strange and interesting books for each other to read.

56) Take a Dinner Cruise
Set off on an evening dinner cruise. Enjoy some good food, and a romantic moonlight atmosphere.

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