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Islamic, Muslim Pick-up Lines!

Are you a Shiite? Because when I saw you, I said to myself, "She aiight".
I need to break my fast. Can I have a date?
Our parents engaged us when we were little... they must have forgotten to tell you.
I'd like to be more than just your brother in Islam.
What school of thought do you follow, because I thought about you all through school.
To watch you pray is a sin of its own.
Do you believe in the hereafter? Oh, you do? Then you know what I'm hereafter.
I didn’t trip over my thobe, I fell for you.
I've had to fast every day since the first time I saw you.
Wow, you're beautiful! I see praying five times a day has paid off.
You remind me of the Ka'aba - I could walk around you all day long.
So, read any good Surahs lately?
That hijab really compliments your eyes.
That's a nice burka. Can I talk you out of it?
I know Halal meat does a body good, but wow, how much you been eatin'?
I must have died a shaheed and gone to heaven because you are my 72 virgins all in one.
I love the way your Abaya flows when you walk.
Your feet made me lower my gaze.
After seeing you, the first thing I said was Mash'Allah. The next was Inshallah!
Would you like to share my prayer-mat?
It must be Laylatul Qadr, because that's the night that angels come down from Heaven.
You can be the queeen of my Hurs anyday.
You remind me of the Ka'aba. I can walk around you all day long.
Are your feet tired? Because you've been performing Tawaaf in my mind all day long?
Do you wanna date? I bought a box full when I went to Madinah.
Muslims are supposed to have many children, and I am willing to do my part...
Allah created everyone in pairs, so what are you doing, single?
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