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Dog Pick-up Lines
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I came here looking for a little tail.

Is it warm in here, or are you in heat?

I'll sniff your butt if you sniff mine.

Whoa! Look at THOSE puppies!!

I must be a Dog Tick, because I'm stuck on you.

When I say 'bitch', I mean it as a compliment!

Hey baby, meeting you has given me a new leash on life.

Baby, you are what I call a hot dog!

Come on, don't make me beg!

Hey there, beautiful... looking for an Alpha dog?

Hey Gorgeous, can I buy you a liver treat?

Did you win "best in show"? Because you sure are a winner to me.

Knick-knack, Paddy-wack, you just gave this dog a bone.

Since chocolate is toxic to me, how 'bout a little sugar?

A day with you is like an eternity of behind-the-ear scratches.

Do you pee here often?

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