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Here you'll find some of the funniest, cheesiest, sleaziest and nerdiest pick up lines on the internet. We've compiled a huge collection of chat up lines and sorted them into 71 categories based on theme. We hope they'll improve your dating life, but be aware that some of these lines could backfire - use them at your own risk!

These chat up lines are light-hearted, funny and cute (or 'cheesy' in some people's books!)

Get right to the point with these racy chat up lines. Be cautious: using them may result in slap to the face!

Here are some pick up lines from the female perspective. Ladies, try these at the bar for guaranteed success!

Programmers, hackers and geeks unite! Try out these hilarious computer-themed pickup lines.

Learn these lines and you could become the biggest stud at Hogwart's Academy!

Enjoy Calculus? We're positive you'll love these math-related pickup lines!

Flirt with your lab partner using these biology and chemistry pickup lines!

The ladies will 'gravitate' towards you once you've mastered these physics pickup lines!

Pick up lines for all the music-lovers and band geeks out there!

These Disney pick up lines would make Mickey blush!

Tinder is the hottest mobile dating app right now! Perhaps these lines will help you break the ice with your matches!

Are you a fan of Star Trek or Star Wars? Check out these sci-fi chat up lines!

Woo the women of WoW with these pickup lines!

You'll "catch all" the ladies with these pickup lines that are specific to the Pokemon franchise.

Sick and tired of people using pick up lines on you? Use these comebacks to put people in their place!

If matrimonial sites aren't working for you, you may want to try picking up desi girls with these lines!

Win over the hearts of everyone in Westeros with these Game of Thrones pick up lines.

Impress the women of middle earth with these lord of the rings pickup lines.

Katniss Everdeen would approve of these pickup lines!

Edward and Jacob are quite charming, don't you think?

If you're a fan of the Doctor Who television series, you'll certainly get a laugh from these pick up lines!

Heisenberg's cooking up romance with these pick up lines!

Pick up lines for fans of the Mad Men TV Show!

Barney Stinson is pure AWESOME. True Story.

Scientists, Engineers, Programmers and all-around nerds will appreciate these clever lines!

These pickup lines are catered towards the LGBT community!

Are you dating someone who has the Travel bug? Try out these lines on them!

Get a hole in one with these golf-themed lines!

These basketball lines may help you take it to the hole!

Touchdown! Get in the endzone with these football pick up lines!

Hopefully you won't strike out with these baseball pick up lines!

You just might score with these hockey pick up lines!

These lines may assist you in flirting with the soccer players in your life.

Flex your way into someone's heart with these fitness-related chat up lines!

Try out these pick up lines on the hot girls at yoga class!

From Naruto to Dragon Ball Z: We've got the anime-lover covered with these pickup lines!

The single ladies love Master Chief!

Are you a fan of the Modern Warfare and Black Ops games? These lines are sure to make you laugh!

"It's-a me, a-mariooo!!!" These chat up lines are perfect for fans of the classic video game franchise.

Link has no trouble picking up hot women with lines like these! A must-read if you're a fan of the Zelda game series.

Minecraft fanatics will love these pick up lines!

The "man-of-steel" is a hit with the ladies!

Leave it to Bieber to drop some swaggy pick up lines in his song lyrics!

Are you dating a political enthusiast? Check out these clever lines!

Tweet your sweetheart with these funny Twitter-related pick up lines!

These medical doctor pickup lines could be the cure for a dying love life.

These legal pick up lines may come in handy if you find yourself in court!

Are you dating a Wall Street tycoon, business executive or stock broker? They'll surely appreciate these comedic chat-up lines!

If you've been studying for your SAT exam, you may recognize some of the vocabulary used in this section!

These chat up lines could come in handy the next time you participate in a Model U.N.!

Chat up Christian babes with these pickup lines.

Humorous Jewish-themed pickup lines.

These Islamic-themed chat up lines will surely put a smile on your face.

Hindu-themed chat up lines.

Atheists may not believe in God, but they'll certainly believe in these pick up lines!

Get your engine revving with these funny vehicle-related chat up lines!

Chat up the single women in France using these French pickup lines!

Wanna win the heart of a spanish-speaker? Try out these these pick up lines!

Are you traveling to the Philippines in the near future? Take a look at these these tagalog pick up lines!

The next time you're in Poland, try using these lines to pick up some hot Polish girls!

You may just have the "Luck of the Irish" with these St. Patrick's Day pickup lines!

Cupid has his arrow out and is ready to shoot you with these Valentine's Day Pick Up Lines!

Feeling Festive? Try these Christmas-themed lines on for size!

Try not to creep anyone out with these Halloween-themed pickup lines!

See what kinds of pickup lines the Easter Bunny uses to woo a mate!

Don't be a turkey - try out these Thanksgiving-themed pick up lines!

Ring in the New Year with these pick up lines!

Arrrrrrrrr you in need of some pirate pickup lines? These are perfect for "International Talk Like a Pirate Day".

Save that maiden in distress with these medieval, middle ages pickup lines.

These canine pick up lines have a lot of bite!

Here are some popular pick up lines presented in Internet Meme style!

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